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Unveiling the Beauty: Expert Cleaning Services for Antique Floor Tiles and Mosaics

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Restoring Timeless Elegance: Victorian and Historic tile floors

Antique floor tiles and mosaics hold a timeless charm, but often,

the grandeur they once exuded is concealed beneath layers of dirt and neglect. Especially prevalent in Newcastle Upon Tyne and The North East of England, this issue stems from the natural wear and tear inflicted by footfall.

Degradation and Challenges: Causes Behind Unkempt Appearances

The grace of these tiles is marred by the gradual deterioration of their surfaces due to consistent use. This degradation not only affects the visual appeal but also impacts the overall ambience of the space.

Unwanted Companions: The Role of Waxes and Unsuitable Sealants

Waxes, intended to protect, can unintentionally draw dirt, further contributing to the lackluster appearance. Additionally, modern acrylic and synthetic sealants, rather than enhancing the tiles, can quickly deteriorate, exacerbating the problem.

Linseed Oil's Aging Tale: A Yellowed Legacy

Historically relevant linseed oil applications, while once considered a protective measure, have the tendency to turn yellow as time passes. This aging process adds an unintended patina to the tiles, diminishing their original splendour.

Rescuing Beauty: Our Specialised Cleaning Approach

Our Specialised cleaning techniques offer a ray of hope for these antique tiles. Importantly, our approach ensures that tiles and the underlying screed substrate aren't oversaturated, eliminating concerns like efflorescence and structural instability.

Confronting Stubborn Impurities: Emulsification of Dirt and Dust

Stubborn dirt and dust, when combined with wax, can form resilient layers that are notoriously difficult to remove. Our methods are tailored to tackle even the most challenging accumulations.

Gentle Restoration: A Delicate Touch for Sensitive Spaces

Preservation is paramount, especially within the interiors of homes and historic buildings. Our commitment to using gentle yet highly effective cleaning techniques sets us apart. We avoid harsh alkaline or acidic chemicals, ensuring that the integrity of these spaces remains intact.

Setting Industry Standards: Pioneering Conservation Through Tile Cleaning

Our techniques are at the forefront of Antique tile restoration, and we are adaptable to match our clients' unique needs. In Newcastle Upon Tyne and The North East of England, our name is synonymous with expertise in antique tile restoration.

Victorian Tile Restoration

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