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Victorian Tile Restoration in Darlington

victorian tile restoration darlington

Victorian Tile Restoration In Darlington

Our restoration services are designed to be cost-efficient and hassle-free, offering proven solutions to care for your Victorian tiles.

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Victorian tiled floors are delicate and must be handled with caution, to ensure they stay in the best condition possible. To repair any damage, stabilisation techniques are employed to preserve their originality, whilst giving them a new lease of life with a cleaning and sealing process.

Victorian floor tile restoration usually involves removing broken and worn out tiles, and finding similar tiles that need to be cut down to fit.

Wherever possible, all repairs will be made with salvaged tiles and matched as closely as possible with our stock of modern equivalents.

Whenever feasible, replacements will be made using salvaged tiles and as much as possible, they shall be paired with our current inventory of modern equivalents.

Loose sections of tiles are removed and replaced to their correct height. Afterwards, they are treated with a gentle cleaning solution to remove any dust and grime accumulation over time, leaving them smooth and spotless.


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Problems when discovering Victorian floor tiles

When attempting to uncover Victorian floor tiles, there can be a number of issues. From the tiles being damaged or in need of repair, to being faced with the challenge of matching existing designs with modern ones, it is important for anyone undertaking this task to ensure they are prepared for any eventualities that may arise.

Below is a list of some issues that may arise.

Nail Holes - This technique of carpet installation is quite outdated, as it involves drilling holes and pouring molten lead into them followed by a small nail to hold the carpet in place. Unfortunately, this usually results in damage to nearby tiles that must then be removed and replaced with either new or salvaged tiles of the same colour. Generally, the ruined tiles form a pattern around the perimeter of the floor, so most adjacent ones will likely have been affected too.

nailhole darlington

Carpet gripper rod - Carpet gripper rod can be detached from tile surfaces using a flat-edged tool and mallet - often just a few taps will do. Any leftover adhesive residue should then be removed with the appropriate solvent.

gripper rods darlington

Carpet underlay - Carpet underlay can sometimes cause discolouration on tiles due to the rubber degrading. The end result may be similar to a shadow-like effect, hence why it should be addressed with a special chemical-based cleaner.

carpet underlay marks darlington

Old Sealers - Before the advent of modern day sealers, the Victorians employed a range of products to preserve their floors including linseed oil, bees wax and yacht varnish. However, over the years these coatings became too thick, trapping dirt beneath that can cause discolouration. To ensure a successful restoration process any existing accumulation must be removed with a powerful stripping agent.

old victorian sealers darlington

Damage - If the tiles near high-traffic areas such as stairs and entrances are cracked, they can be fixed to lock them in place. If they are completely smashed or missing, it is recommended to replace them using either original salvaged material or modern equivalents that closely match the colour.

missing and loose tiles darlington

Deep cleaning - After any restoration a full deep clean will be needed to ensure that all dirt, paints, plaster, glues and old sealants are removed, a thorough machine clean of the area with an appropriate cleaning agent will be needed.

victorian tile restoration in Darlington

Drying - It is essential that the floor is dry before the sealant is applied, as moisture can create issues such as an increased chance of peeling and a shorter lifespan.

Enhancing & Sealing - completes the restoration process. The enhancer produces a colour rich vibrant finish whilst the sealer protects the tile from water, dirt and grease damage. Additionally, it makes regular cleaning far easier, ensuring your floor remains in excellent condition for many years to come.

Victorian tile restoration in Darlington


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