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Colour Restoration and Protection of Antique Tiles in Newcastle Upon Tyne and The North East of England

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Reviving Beauty: Colour Restoration and Protection of Antique Tiles

The legacy of architectural tiles and mosaics often requires more than just cleaning.

Once our experts at the Victorian Tile Restorer have performed their meticulous cleaning process, the journey to restoration continues with a finish application. This transformative step not only safeguards the surface but also reinvigorates and revitalises, accentuating the innate colours of the tiles.

Challenges of the Past: Overcoming Previous Sealing Methods

Many tiles have been previously sealed with acrylic, solvent-based varnish, or synthetic topical sealants. Regrettably, these seemingly convenient methods can wreak havoc over time.

The Price of Convenience: Degradation and Efflorescence

While these shortcuts may appear economical and easy to apply, they degrade with time, leading to moisture entrapment and the dreaded efflorescence. These factors, if not addressed, can compromise the structural integrity of the floor.

A Breathable Solution: Microporous Surface Sealant Applications

At the Victorian Tile Restorer, our surface sealant applications stand apart due to their microporous nature. This unique attribute allows water vapor to permeate through, mitigating the risk of moisture-related issues.

Preserving Beauty from Within: The Chemistry of Lasting Restoration

Unlike conventional surface barriers, our application becomes one with the tiles' porous structure. This deep bonding occurs at the molecular level, ensuring longevity and stability.

Honouring Tradition: Tailored Solutions for Heritage Spaces

In addition to our specialised finishes, we proudly offer traditional approaches like wax and linseed oil finishes. The choice between modern and traditional methods is influenced by the historical, listed, or scheduled context of the space.

Colour Restoration

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